DIGE with Typhoon FLA 7000

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DIGE with Typhoon FLA 7000

Postby ger225 » Wed Oct 14, 2015 1:02 pm


We are doing 2D gels and we use colloidal Coomassie for staining. Another group at the Institute recently bought a Typhoon FLA 7000. I know that for 2D DIGE, the best (and almost only) way to go is the Typhoon 9500.

But I wonder, considering that the Typhoon 7000 can discriminate between Cy2 and Cy5, is it possible to do DIGE with double staining? (Cy3 is out of the question). I think that the 7000 has different detector optics so maybe the the sensitivity will suffer.

Does it worth all the hassle or should we stick to visible stains? (or fluorescent ones but single staining... Sypro Ruby and the like).


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