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Finnigan lcq mat classic for microbial peptide map?

Posted: Sat Sep 05, 2015 9:08 am
by zjadlempsa

My name is Dorian and i am IVth year Pharmacy student. Lately i have become interested in proteomics (and its applications in pharmacy and diagnostics). Unfortunately, there is no subject called 'proteomics' at my university, and what is more painful, there are some questions which can not be answered by book.

(My question might be quite naive: )

Is it possible to differentiate two strains of for example S. aureus (regular and MRSA) with peptide map by using Finnigan LCQ MAT classic (quadrupole- Ion trap) coupled with RP-HPLC ?
(in the sake of student project of course - i'm a member of students scientific circle in the lab which is focused mainly on peptide synthesis )