Resolution vs m/z range dependency on Orbitrap

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Resolution vs m/z range dependency on Orbitrap

Postby Suola » Tue Jun 27, 2017 8:33 am

Hi all mass spec enthusiasts,

In NMR, the detection scheme is in principle very similar to that of Orbitrap, i.e., Fourier transform of image current on the detection circuitry (in time domain) to human readable spectrum (in ppm or m/z domain).

Further, in NMR, the digital resolution of the spectrum depends on the desired spectral width: the narrower the spectrum, the more closely the collected datapoints are in the spectrum, and thus higher the digital resolution.

Using this analogy, and not understanding all the intricacies of Orbitrap detection, I was wondering whether similar advantage can be obtained in Orbitrap by collecting narrower spectra, say m/z range 300-1300, instead of 300-2000, in order to get higher m/z resolution in the 300-1300 range?


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