2015 ASMS awards predictions

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2015 ASMS awards predictions

Postby proteo14 » Sat Nov 08, 2014 4:00 pm

As the Nobel Prizes were announced a few weeks ago, it got me thinking of the top awards in the MS field, namely the ASMS Biemann Medal and Distinguished Contribution award in MS. Here's my thinking of potential candidates for 2015 in no particular order and why:

Biemann Medal:
Michael Maccoss (Skyline and instrument data acquisition approaches)
Sarah Trimpin (novel ionization approaches)
Benjamin Garcia (histone modifications)
Ryan Julian (radical directed fragmentation)

Distinguished Contribution in MS:
Donald Hunt (ETD)
Fred McLafferty (ECD)
Matthias Mann (SILAC or MaxQuant)
Darryl Pappin (iTRAQ/multiplexing)

Remember the Biemann Medal seems to be an overall achievement award and the candidates must be within 15 years of earning their PhD, while the Distinguished Contribution should be for a single significant achievement. What do you think? Who do you predict?

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