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Jimmy Eng Mike Washburn Albert Heck Josh Coon
SharedProteomics talks with Sequest developer Jimmy Eng about the early days of Sequest, recent trends in database searching, and the future of mass spectrometry-driven proteomics. SharedProteomics interviews Mike Washburn of the Stowers Institute for Medical Research. Mike talks about the early days of MudPIT, the importance of biological replicates, and the benefits and limitations of spectral counting. Read our discussion with Albert J. R. Heck, discussing de novo sequencing, native mass spectrometry, and combining transcriptomic and proteomic measurements for a better understanding of cellular function. SharedProteomics talks with University of Wisconsin├ÉMadison’s Josh Coon about the future of ETD, the Biemann Medal, and the best burritos in Gainesville.
Mike MacCoss Jennifer Brodbelt
Mike talks about the future of proteomic data storage and sharing, the rapidly growing field of targeted proteomics, and the sport of ultra marathon running. SharedProteomics talks with University of Texas-Austin’s Jenny Brodbelt about the future of mass spectrometry, the ever growing ASMS conference, and her favroite Austin eatery.