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Site Type Description
SEQanswers Forum A great online community for DNA/RNA sequencing; especially helpful for bioinformatic questions and answers.
Chomatography Forum Forum A webforum for chromatography.
Proteomics forum (Facebook) Forum A proteomics forum.
Mass Spectrometry Blog Blog A fun blog from professor Kermit Murray at LSU. Good info plus videos, links, and wiki, and more.
Mendelian Disorder Blog A genomics blog by Michael James Clark.
Omics! Omics! Blog Blog from Keith Robison discussing genomics and proteomics.
Stochastic Trains of Thought Blog Danny Navarro’s blog. Now it’s mostly programming but has some interesting older posts on computational proteomics.
AllAboutGenomics Website and Forum The name says it all. Website and forum focused on genomic research and tecniques.